Going Into-Africa

Going Into-Africa

Renew your gift to Into Africa today!!

Renew your gift to Into Africa today!!

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It has been said by many that West Africa is one of the most troubled places on earth. However, we at Into-Africa are seeking to change that perception.

The goals of Into-Africa are simple; to provide educational opportunities and scholarships for mission  minded students both foreign and domestic. Another goal is to construct multi-purpose facilities that will serve as medical facilities, schools and churches. In turn, creating a healthy environment for children to grow and learn.  This will impact future generations, strengthening their desire for democracy and their ability to attain it.

-Dr. Alvin Smith, Founder and CEO of Into Africa, Inc.

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Into-Africa is a official member of the Combined Federal Campaign. With this organization you have the opportunity to make an annual donation to your favorite charity. We trust that you will allow us to serve the needs of others through your giving.

Your money will fund scholarships for students both foreign and domestic as well as the construction of multi-purpose facilities (i.e., churches and schools) and medical mission teams which have served over 11 nations throughout Africa.

You can donate to Into-Africa on the Combined Federal Campaign website starting in September.



My name is Hajiratu Bah and I'm from Freetown, Sierra Leone. I'm presently attending the University of Wisconsin International College, located in Accra, Ghana. The undergraduate degree in which I'm presently studying is Information Technology, commonly known as (IT). It involves the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data, often in the context of a business or other enterprise. With this degree, I not only want to better myself as a student but also encouraged students throughout Africa and abroad with hard work we can all make a difference. I want to thank Into-Africa for giving me a scholarship so that I can be the first individual to graduate in my family.


Hey, all you cyclists, we are getting geared up for the 2015 El Tour de Tucson. The event is scheduled for November 21st, 2015. For this year's event Into-Africa.org is doing its best to create a team of 100 or more riders from all over the continental United States.

Our mission is to ride and raise funds for medical teams and scholarships for "Mission Minded" kids, both foreign and domestic. Funds raised will also continue to aid those affected by the Ebola Virus.

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Report From Sierra Leone

Report From Sierra Leone

02-05-2015 Hits:312 Blog Dr. Alvin Smith - avatar Dr. Alvin Smith

Report From Sierra Leone We have come a long way since the Ebola virus struck our country in May 2014. By then, Sierra Leoneans were ignorant of...

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Ebola Relief -  2015 Lighthouse Medical Missions Update

Ebola Relief - 2015 Lighthouse Medical …

06-02-2015 Hits:369 Blog Super User - avatar Super User

Ebola Relief - 2015 Lighthouse Medical Missions Update Our Lighthouse Medical Mission team has given us a great report of their fundraising efforts to address the Ebola...

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New Chairs for Windhoek, Namibia Church

New Chairs for Windhoek, Namibia Church

28-12-2014 Hits:420 Blog Dr. Alvin Smith - avatar Dr. Alvin Smith

New Chairs for Windhoek, Namibia Church Into-Africa is proud to announce the purchase of 500 chairs for the congregation in Windhoek, Namibia.  To facilitate the grand opening of their new multi-purpose...

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Kabala Project

Kabala Project

20-12-2014 Hits:529 Blog Dr. Alvin Smith - avatar Dr. Alvin Smith

Kabala Project The project in Kabala, Sierra Leone is rapidly moving towards the finishing stages. Also to maximize their effectiveness in ministry, this multi-purpose building will be equipped with three classrooms...

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Happy Thanksgiving

27-11-2014 Hits:283 Blog Dr. Alvin Smith - avatar Dr. Alvin Smith

As we look back upon the past year, we would like to acknowledge those who have made our success possible. It is in this spirit that we say thank you...

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Riding Against Ebola

26-11-2014 Hits:314 Blog Dr. Alvin Smith - avatar Dr. Alvin Smith

 32nd El Tour de Tucson Presented By Casino Del Sol Resort America’s Largest Perimeter Bicycling Event for Cyclists of All Ages and Abilities. Ride 104, 75, 55, or 40 Miles or...

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Bo 1 Sierra Leone Construction Update 20…

21-11-2014 Hits:267 Blog Dr. Alvin Smith - avatar Dr. Alvin Smith

Bo 1 Sierra Leone Construction Update 2014 We are so grateful for what God is doing here in Bo. With the Ebola crisis in our nation, we have chosen to seek...

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Scholarship for the Sarabia's boys in Gh…

19-11-2014 Hits:293 Blog Dr. Alvin Smith - avatar Dr. Alvin Smith

Sarabia's boys in Ghana (West Africa) It is our desire to support our missionaries as much as we can. Therefore we are seeking to provide funding for the children of missionaries...

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