Steve & Edith Zola Mapakou

Date Started: March, 2003

Vision Statement

Greetings to all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We are so grateful for the wonderful work that God has done in our nation.  In the midst of struggles, setbacks and yes some disappointments, our hope in the gospel has never been greater.  We believe, as a Church, that God has positioned us to do greater things in the coming year. We were blessed to have Pastor David Hamilton for three days of revival during the second half of the year.  It was power packed and many lives were healed, saved and changed by the power of God.  I want to say that I'm so thankful for the headship in which God has given to me and the Church in Benin.  Without your prayers, direction, insight and correction we would be blowing in the wind.

Our vision for the coming year is simple: Continue the mandate of raising up disciples.  God has given all of our churches, which are three:  Vedoko, Calalvi and Gbodoe, who have a wonderful crop of young disciples who seek to be used by God.  

Secondly, to plant churches throughout our nation.  We are so appreciative of the wonderful move of God that is happening in Sierra Leone, for it gives our church hope for the future of our nation.  Please continue to pray for the work and workers throughout Benin and we seek to lift up the name of Jesus in every village, town and hamlet of our nation.

Pastor Steve Zola Mapakou