Morie & Hannah Saffa

Date Started: 2014

Vision Statement

Our vision this new year 2017 is to continue to work with the faithful couples, preparing them for ministry and church planting.  We will be opening three bible study location this February, as men are responding to the call to serve.  We will also strive to develop and strengthen the various ministries in the church, believing God that many new faces will join in.  Our focus is also on our house to house ministries as well as the continual reaching out into the streets with the gospel.

The Church in Dar Es Salaam is working hard this year to be able to pay for our building fully next year. We are also working hard to have our own church property to build our own church building as we see great potential of growth and enlargement in Dar Es Salaam. We humbly ask a favor to Into Africa and the Tucson church to continue to partner with us in order to see our vision of building a church come to pass.  Just want to thank my wife Hannah and sons for supporting me through all of the sickness that I experienced this past year.  I want to thank my Pastor and all of those who have prayed for us and made great investments in our lives as we labor in our city. Dar Es Salaam for Jesus!

Pastor Morie and Hannah Saffa