Vision Statement

We here in Cameroon are grateful for another year to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As we reflect on 2016, we want to thank God for the many men of God who came our way to make deposits of truth that brought spiritual health and direction to the congregations of Cameroon.  Our outreach churches are all growing in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Our street ministries are thriving as our entire congregation mobilizes to reach those who are lost. We are believing God for open doors in our building situation here in Cameroon.  We have been renting ever since the church has been established.  Please pray with us that God gives us supernatural favor with land owners in which we will be able to secure property at a reasonable cost. As the pastor of the Church here in Cameroon, I cannot tell you how full my heart becomes when I think about the investment that has been made into the life of this Church.  The Tucson and Suisan Congregations have poured their love and finances into this work.  

Thank you for the leadership that you bring and the faith that you have in us.  By His grace the best is yet to come!

Martin & Rachel Bouna