Benjiman & Marion Mettle

Date Started: February 2008

Vision Statement

Greetings from Libreville. Gabon, in all aspects, is at a crossroad going through challenges that only God can resolve. Having said that, our vision as a church is to continue lifting up Jesus, the way, the truth and the life!

We started “Operation Andrew” (Jn.1) in 2016 and it is our vision to continue through 2017 and onward. We are working on strengthening partnership within the Church in prayer, evangelism, youth and family ministries. The needs are so great in this Nation that our burden starts with the neighbourhood around the Church. We are in steadfast prayer believing God for spiritual dominion & breakthrough, equipping labourers and equipments for evangelism. The need for land and a church building is of utmost priority for us. In our own way, we are making progress.

With such a great need before us, I have been constantly challenging & training disciples in the church to become visionaries who will rise up to what God is doing and be a part of it. Our mission will be accomplished by keeping focus on our vision. Evangelize, train disciples & send workers out to the harvest fields.

I want to thank the Lord, my family, the faithful men and women here, my Pastors, and The Tucson Church for faithfully standing with us. God’s course will triumph!

Pastor Benjamin & Marion Mettle