Into-Africa would like to present you with our sponsors who continue to support us with their funding, goods, services, time, effort, and resources. Their combined support enables Into-Africa to continue supporting its mission. We recommend these reputable sponsors and remind you that doing business with them helps to further the support of Into-Africa.

Into-Africa is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

Founder and CEO: Alvin D. Smith, DPC




Employees can make charitable contributions to the charities of their choice through one-time or ongoing payroll deductions.


ENERGY SOURCE ELECTRIC provides Pima County with full capability electrical contracting for new construction, renovations, tenant improvements, service upgrades, exterior, interior and landscape lighting, retrofits and service installations in the TUCSON, AZ area.

Employees can make charitable contributions to the charities of their choice through one-time or ongoing payroll deductions.


Our social mission is to help improve the way charities access and become eligible for corporate giving programs, and to modernize how they process and receive donation funds.


Outsourcely connects with talented remote workers from over 180 countries specializing in web developing, marketing, and design skills 




The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the largest and most successful workplace charitable giving drive in the world. CFC is the only authorized charitable organization solicitation of Federalemployees in their workplaces.


 Hello, I'm David Fish, owner of SiteMetro, where we provide web hosting, and website design and services at competitive prices. Here at SiteMetro we are proud supporters of Into-Africa and all that the organization is doing in order to help the people in Africa and abroad. It is an exciting opportunity to know that what we are doing in our daily business here at SiteMetro is having such a profound impact to help, enable, and equip people abroad.

This helps us maintain focus and perspective, that even when our daily routines seem mundane at times, we are helping to serve a cause greater than ourselves and our company. Our perspective is elevated and hope renewed to know that even the little things we do can make such a huge impact on someone else. Another great thing about Into-Africa is that they are a faithful organization and have not forgotten to show their appreciation for our support, throughout the year bringing other businesses our way. We are blessed to be a part of Into-Africa and highly encourage other companies to help support the mission of Into-Africa. You'll never regret doing so, especially as you see your company grow and prosper as we here at SiteMetro have.